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Go! Community

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At Better Leaders Better Schools, we've created the Greatest Place on the Internet for School Leaders ... and you're invited.

The Go! Community is an online community for school leaders to level up. Connect with other school leaders from around the globe in this private, elite membership community.

Here is what you get:

General Discussion on Topics You Care About

The Go! Community is unlike communities found on other social media sites. 

Discussions are threaded and searchable. They are evergreen (meaning they last forever) and not ephemeral (think Twitter -- how fast do you lose stuff there?).

There's categories for a variety of topics important to school leaders and if you don't see what you need, then we invite you to create it.

Online Courses

We are committed to creating 1-2 online courses a year and sharing them exclusively with members of the Go! Community.

Right now we have a course on Improving Your Productivity and we’re building a course on Authenticity & Voice that will be available by August.

Jethro Jones has been kind enough to share his course on Building an Ideal Week.

The World’s Best Virtual Book Club

In the mastermind, we expose leaders to a variety of amazing books from outside the education industry. Time-and-time again we hear how impactful these books are in our members' leadership practices.

So inside the Go! Community we’ve created The World’s Best Virtual Book Club.

Now you can read along with the mastermind and participate in book discussions that are guaranteed to develop your leadership capacity.

Not only will we have book discussions, we will also distill our notes and include ideas on how you might use the book with your staff.

Some educators spend $50/year just on this type of content alone on other sites.

Weekly Prompts

Inside the Go! Community we’ll share weekly prompts where leaders can regularly write micro-content.

This practice is underutilized and extremely important.

There is no practice better than writing in terms of clarifying your thoughts and honing your voice.

Podcast Transcripts

Inside the Go! Community you’ll get transcripts of every new BLBS podcast episode which you can read and download for future reference.

If you’ve ever wanted to go back to a BIG IDEA mentioned in the show, but you can’t because you’re driving and listening … problem solved. These searchable transcripts will help you take your learning deeper and won’t be available anywhere else.

Exclusive Webinars & Coaching Opportunities

Paid webinars and coaching opportunities we offer to the BLBS Tribe will be available to Go! Community members for free.

Pitch Free Zone

You know one thing that sucks about social media -- everyone is trying to sell you their garbage.

The Go! Community is a pitch-free zone. Members that violate this agreement will first get a warning. A second violation and they’ll be dismissed from our community.

A Safe Space to Practice

Another great aspect of the Go! Community is the fact that it is a safe place to practice.

If you have a staff letter that needs to go out in two weeks … why not post it in the Go! Community for some critical feedback?

Or maybe there is a blog post you’ve written, but the imposter syndrome is shouting “That’s garbage … no one would ever want to read that.”

Members are encouraged to post their ideas and first drafts in the Go! Community for critical feedback that will help them level up before posting in the real world.

Please note that monthly or annual membership is recurring and can be canceled at any time. The best savings is with an annual membership.

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Go! Community

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